“A hope of Nagasaki: Kind People” Available to Watch Online

No War

In April, I made an announcement of an event of watching a documentary titled “a hope of NAGASAKI” (2021). Directed by Mr. Kazumi Matsumoto, the film introduced voices of 10 a-bomb survivors in Nagasaki, who have never talked about their experiences for 75 years, shared their experiences and thoughts about peace.  The film carries a strong message about peace: not only any war should not be started, but also discrimination and bullying should never happen.

The event was hosted by the Japanese/American Peace Alliance (JAPA), a voluntary group originally formed in 2020 by Americans and Japanese who believe that people from countries once fought against each other can make efforts to build peace together beyond their history. JAPA, however, does not limit their membership to Japan and the US; we welcome anyone from anywhere in the world, as far as they believe in peace and justice to be realized peacefully and just.

The film, A hope of Nagasaki, is now available to watch online with English subtitles in selected countries until the end of this month (June) for free of charge. Unfortunately, people in Japan cannot watch the movie.

Please do not miss this opportunity to listen stories of those who are ordinary and “kind” people.  

Discover Kind People: Untold Stories of the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb online at FilmDoo

Please be noted: In order to watch the film, registration with FilmDoo is necessary. Here is a PDF document to explain how to watch the film on FilmDoo:

JAPA is also on Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn. Please get connected with us to share information and exchange opinions on peace by liking or following us on SNS. As mentioned above, we a are voluntary group of people most of who are not activists but who have good heart to realize world peace. No religion or particular political view dominates the group.

Written and posted by Mika Nakahara