[Please Join!] International Peace Conference on Sep. 19

International Peace Conference

Today, I like to announce an event on peace I am engaged.

I am a member of the Universal Peace Connection (UPC), which is a voluntary group of individuals, who hold dialogues with others and take actual steps toward that end. UPC is formerly the Japanese/ American Peace Alliance (JAPA).

UPC is going to host an international peace conference via ZOOM on September 19th (Mon) at 6pm (Pacific Time). This is to commemorate the International Day of Peace, which is Sep. 21st,

In the conference, speakers/panelists are invited from India, Japan, Ukraine and the US. I believe we are quite successful of having a diversity in our speakers/panelists, of course I am aware that we are far from perfect.

Our speakers are as follows (in English alphabetical order):

For information and registration, please visit the Eventbrite page.

You can also visit the UPC website on the conference for further information about the conference.

The conference will be co-hosted with Claremont Graduate University (CGU). Some UPC members, including myself, are related CGU such as alumni, current student and professor emerita: we appreciate CGU President Len Jessup and CGU for co-hosting the event. President Jessup will join the conference as well. In the conference, I hope that we would consider roles of higher education in promoting peace and in providing their students with opportunities for mutual understanding and respect with people with different backgrounds and values.

Due to time differences, our speaker from India will join the conference at 6:30am in her time and another speaker from Ukraine at 3am in his! Please feel their passion for peace.

This is UPC’s second public event following a film viewing event to watch “a hope of NAGASAKI: Kind People” (directed by Kazumi Matsumoto, 2021) with English subtitles in April (under the JAPA’s name).

We believe that everyone can be a part of peace achieving efforts. Not all of us can be vocal but it is important for each person to take whatever steps we can for peace. I hope this conference can be a good opportunity for all of us to think about what peace is for you and what actions you can take in your daily life.

The event will be recorded and can be viewed later. We like to continue our conversation for peace so that we can achieve peace.

Written and posted by Mika Nakahara