Statement on Russia’s Military Invasion to Ukraine /ロシアによるウクライナ軍事侵攻に関する声明

No War

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  1. ウクライナ国内での人的被害および物理的な損失の拡大や、難民の増加
  2. ロシア国内でウクライナ侵攻に反対する人々の安全
  3. ロシア人やロシアにルーツを持つ人への差別や、心身に影響を与える暴力的言動の増加



March 3rd, 2022
Risk Management for Nonprofit Organizations

Statement to Call for Immediate Stop of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine to Realize Peace

The Risk Management Office for Nonprofit Organization (hereinafter, “the Office”) considers the ongoing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine since Feb. 24th, 2022 as violations to the United Nations Charter, which aims at maintaining international peace and security, and international law as well as acts of major threats to the life and safety of people in Ukraine and to human rights. Among others, the Office is deeply concerned about the following issues as risks to life, dignity of people and peace:

  1. Expansion of human and physical damages as well as an increase in numbers of refugees;
  2. Safety of people in Russia who voice objection to the invasion by Russia to Ukraine; and,
  3. Increase in cases of discrimination and violent behaviors against Russians or Russian descent around the world.

Thus, the Office strongly urges Russia to immediately stop its military invasion to Ukraine and also urges all countries to make every effort to realize peace from every perspective through every diplomatic effort.