The ToCoBoN Project

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ToCoBoN プロジェクトの「ToCoBoN(トコボン、と読みます)」とは”Towards Communities without Boundaries with NPOs”の略です。活動分野を超えたNPO/NGOのメンバーが個人の資格で参画し、パートナーシップの確立を目指して活動しています。

NPOリスク・マネジメント・オフィス 中原もToCoBoNメンバーとして加えていただいています。ToCoBoNは長らく表立った活動はしていなかったのですが、ToCoBoNロシアによるウクライナ侵攻の衝撃から、声明を出すことにしました。声明を出すだけでは平和はやってきませんが、平和を願い、実現するために私たちが大切だと思う視点を示すことで、みなさんが複眼的に考えつつ情報発信や支援活動を行なう一助になれればと思います。



About the ToCoBoN Project

The ToCoBoN (“Towards Communities without Boundaries with Nonprofit Organizations”) Project consists of individuals, who are members of different non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and nonprofit organizations (NPOs) working on different causes, for building partnership to make a difference.

Mika Nakahara, President of the Risk Management Office for Nonprofit Offices, has been a member of the Project. The ToCoBoN Project members has not been active in public for a long time; we decided to make a statement on the Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Just releasing a statement does not help us realize a peace; however, we think it important to express our opinions will help others think from multifaceted perspectives to disseminate information and to support relief efforts. That, in turn, will help us realize a peace.

As of now (March, 2022), the Project has neither its website nor social media accounts; the statement will be posted on this website so that people can easily refer to the statement. Since this decision was made hurriedly, the description of the Project is omitted, for now.

Activities of the ToCoBoN Project:

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